Hello! We're James & Rachel.

We couldn’t be more excited to have opened Kitchen & Vine in this historic farmhouse! Over the last year we’ve had the privilege of getting to know the Bonetti family history and chatting with grandchildren and great grandchildren of Milla and Florino Bonetti who purchased this home and Ranch in 1923 and operated what used to be a 100 acre ranch, growing sug­ar beets, bar­ley, wheat, flow­ers for seeds, sug­ar peas, cher­ry toma­toes, and grapes. They fed San Luis Obispo and we desire to do the same. Married for four years with baby Wyatt on our hip, we LOVE what we do!

Kitchen & Vine is counter service with an amazing and friendly staff and farm-fresh, colorful food. The entrance to the building faces S. Higuera in front of the white fountain. The old farmhouse is now a massive kitchen with a rustic dining area and a beautiful outdoor deck with colorful seating and umbrellas.

We would love to host and serve you delicious breakfast and lunch cuisine daily from 7am to 2pm!